Email: SSL Certificate Errors
A recent update from Apple has changed the way in which your email program connects so that it defaults to connecting to our mail servers over SSL. As a result of this change you will need to ensure that the details advised below are correct.

Port numbers for secure mail
POP: 995
IMAP: 993
SMTP: 465

If you receive an error regarding the certificate name whilst using SSL then you can either add * to your list of certificate exceptions or (if you are unable to add the certificate exception) you can change your mail server name to

If you continue to experience problems then please check your details as shown in your My Account area. Once logged in you can select Email followed by the relevant email address to view the required email program settings.

Kind Regards
Customer Service

Posted by Customer Services on 11 October 2018 at 13:51 

A New Extortion Phishing Scam
We have received a number of reports from customer receiving an email that appears to originate from their own account and starts with the text.

Iím a member of an international hacker group.

Please be aware that this message is not originating from you but is pretending to be so as to make you believe your account has been compromised. Under no circumstances should you respond to the message or make any payment as indicated within the message. The message can be ignored and deleted.

If the message contains your current password then you should proceed to change this as soon as possible. You can change your email password from inside your My Account area. Please click on Email followed by the relevant email address. From here you can select either Client Settings or Change Password. You should always maintain a complex password - preferably with a minimum of eight characters containing upper case lower case and numbers.

You can also find more information relating to this scam by visiting the article below.

Posted by Customer Services on 02 October 2018 at 14:32